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We will be opening our newest 5 office clinic located at 307-Banks Road Suite 205 for June 1 (and no longer at Richter St location). We have two locations in Kelowna so Jane requires you to “book by location” for consultations, online counselling, and in office counselling. You can book BY LOCATION , then by your practitioner to see their schedule, so make sure to check BOTH locations (Kirschner Rd Offices & Banks Offices) to get in at your preferred time, date, and location of their full schedule!

205- 307 Banks Rd (located on the 2nd floor in the Banks Centre) 370-1855 Kirschner Rd (located on the 3rd floor in the Stewart Centre building)

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Barb is still off on maternity leave. Check out our amazing team of therapists below to find the right fit for you! If you need any assistance finding the right fit, please email barb@alivecounselling.com and she is happy to help you.


Counselling in Kelowna, British Columbia and Online Counselling


Coaching you in your mental performance, managing emotions, navigating life's transitions and stressors, and helping you to come more alive in various areas of your life from work, sport, relationships, and self-confidence.

Hi there, my name is Laura Belland. I specialize in CBT, self-compassion therapy and solution-focused therapy. I believe we can often be our own worst enemies and harshest critics, and I hope to help grow you get past any negative thinking to become your most alive and thriving self; through CBT, compassionate self-care, and mindfulness amongst other strategies. I am passionate about working with clients experiencing anxiety, social anxiety, stress, perfectionism, and depression. I have experience helping those with limiting beliefs about themselves, negative body image and disordered eating.

I would be honoured to walk alongside you on this journey and not only work through what you feel stuck on and what’s holding you back but help you with strategies to grow more in your strengths and self-confidence.

I have worked in many walks of life, and have always known I wanted to help people in some way or form. I first received a Bachelors in Art with a major in Anthropology and a minor in Sociology. After working with the Edmonton Police and with family lawyers I realized that I wanted to go back to school. During the next few years, I was a respite worker and piano teacher while going to school to become an elementary teacher. I graduated with my BEd back in 2017. I love working with children and teaching, but always had a deep love of counselling and psychology, especially after seeking counselling to cope with my own struggles with anxiety and panic attacks. In 2021 I graduated with my Masters in Arts in Counselling Psychology to finally pursue my true passion and calling. I believe that everyone can benefit from seeking counselling, that it doesn’t require hitting a rock bottom to seek help. Ultimately I hope to help people get to a place where they aren’t just ‘surviving’ or doing well, but instead are thriving.

I am a lover of nature, animals and being active. I live here in Kelowna with my husband. Two years ago I moved here from Alberta and I still can’t believe I get to live here in this beautiful place. When I am not working I am outside as much as possible, hiking, biking. I have a love for the piano which I have been playing for 25+ years, yoga (I completed my YTT back in 2013 on a whim) and reading.

Areas of Expertise:

· Clients who are dealing with anxiety/social anxiety, perfectionism, and depression

· Limiting beliefs about themselves, negative thoughts that keep resurfacing

· Negative body image and disordered eating

· Self-esteem and self-worth

· Being stuck and barriers to becoming your most vibrant self

· Adolescent and teen issues: friendships and difficult emotions, anxiety and social anxiety, building self-confidence and working on recognizing and growing your strengths

· Increasing resiliency and empowerment

· Navigating new life changes such as sobriety, returning to school, career and overcoming grief amongst others.

-Counselling for Parents on childhood emotional and behavioural regulation

Working as a teacher, I had the experience of learning about and employing different strategies to help students with their emotions in the classroom setting. In my role as a Student Support Services Coordinator, I was able to work with parents and teachers to create plans to help children best tackle these challenges. I would like to pass along practices often used in school and offer a collaborative approach where we can work together to target some of the things you’re seeing both at home and in the classroom. With a deeper understanding, we can begin to determine the best strategies to help you help your child gain back some equilibrium in their emotions, and gain the skills to deal with issues that may arise. A goal is to help kids feel more autonomy when dealing with tricky emotions, so they feel less at a loss of what to do next. Strategies may include different ways to regulate emotions and coping tools for dealing with each, ways to feel more confident in the classroom, and a growth mindset.

BCACC #18835

Hi there, my name is Laura Belland. I specialize in CBT, self-compassion therapy and solution-foc... Read More

Barb is a Registered Clinical Counsellor with a Master’s in Counselling Psychology. She owns a private practice, Alive Counselling and has a great team of therapists at Alive Counselling to help you find the right fit for you! Barb is also a clinical supervisor with Third Space and University of British Columbia. From a professional hockey player & coach, to a wife & mother, to therapist, Barb understands the importance of mental health in every area of life.

Barb helps individuals understand their “stuff”, implement practical coping strategies, and live more alive. Her areas of expertise include:

-Anxiety, Stress, & Depression -Changing Negative Self-Talk & Self-Esteem -Christian Counselling -Couples/Families/Relationships -Postpartum, Motherhood, & Women’s Issues -Life-Guidance -University/Young-Adults -Personal & Professional Development -Grief & Trauma

She also enjoys working with Teams, Organizations, and facilitating Workshops and Speaking Events within the community.

Through a welcoming & relational approach, Barb creates space for you to share and process your story in a safe environment. She draws from a variety of evidence-based therapeutic approaches. However, counselling is always personalized to you and your unique needs. Ultimately, she desires to be present with you in your unique journey into healing and growth.

> “Owning our story and loving ourself through that process is the bravest thing that we will ever do.” –Brené Brown

Barb understands the demands of a busy schedule, therefore offers Online phone/video sessions for your comfort and convenience. She also has a cozy office in Landmark building 2, and offers Walk and Talk Therapy options.

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As a former athlete and coach at the highest levels, she specializes in helping athletes with their “Mental Game” to reach their full potential in their sport & in their lives. Her areas of personal & professional expertise include:

-Sports Psychology strategies -Pre game preparation -Confidence -Consistency -Performance Anxiety, Managing Nerves -Positive Self-Talk, Visualization, and Breathing Techniques -Returning from injury -University recruiting process in the United States and Canada (as a former athlete and coach in these levels)

She offers individual and team sessions, as well as in person and Online sessions as she understands the demands of an athlete’s busy schedule. She works with athletes, teams, & organizations across sports and levels ranging from high performance youth to professional and Olympic levels. She has over 12 years of experience working with university students and staff across the United States and Canada. Her background may be in hockey, but those skills are transferable across sports and life.

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Barb is a Registered Clinical Counsellor with a Master’s in Counselling Psychology. She owns a pr... Read More

With the exception of clients with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, Rachel is currently not accepting new clients, but welcomes you to add your name to her waitlist. For clients with OCD, please email Rachel@alivecounselling.com directly. Thank you

Hi There, My name is Rachel. I am a mama, partner, daughter, sister, friend and counsellor. I am a lover of people and their stories, and believe in resilience, even when it seems impossible.

Sometimes life presents us with challenges that we didn’t ask for. This can feel unfair, and navigating our struggles can feel overwhelming. It is not lost on me the strength that it takes to seek help, and I find myself humbled by my client’s bravery. My own life experience, academics, as well as my background working in neurosciences, has shown me that although knowledge is essential, the power of human connection forms a strong foundation for change. I have experience working with many needs, from a variety of frameworks. However, above all else, I believe in the importance of providing my client’s with a safe therapeutic environment in which to share.

I like helping teens and adults understand and work through many trials including:

  • Anxiety, Stress, OCD
  • depression
  • Parenting Support, especially supporting parents of teenagers
  • self-worth
  • grief
  • caregiver fatigue
  • trauma
  • relationship issues, couples counselling
  • life transitions
  • gender identity
  • mood disorders
  • personality disorders

I work from a variety of frameworks including Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Narrative Therapy, Solution Focused Therapy, Somatic Integration, Exposure and Response Prevention and Emotion Focused Therapy. Most importantly, I work from a Person-Centered approach…one that fits you.

I believe you know yourself better than anyone; sometimes you just need support discovering and accessing your true self.

Credentials: - Registered Clinical Counsellor (RCC with BCACC) - Bachelor of Science in Occupational Therapy (BScOT) - Masters of Counselling Psychology (MACP) - Yoga Instructor (YTT 200)

With the exception of clients with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, Rachel is currently not accepti... Read More

Hi! My name is Madi Maitz and I am a Registered Clinical Counsellor (RCC) and Registered Social Worker (RSW) with a Master’s Degree in Clinical Social Work.

Areas: - Depression - Anxiety - Relationships - Life transitions/ changes - Self-esteem and Identity - Athletes - Emotional Regulation - Burnout - Perfectionism

As humans, I understand that we are wired for, and long for connection in our lives. Connection to ourselves, to others, and to our world. When we feel disconnected, our lives can feel confusing, painful, and like we are lost. I believe in the importance and healing nature of connection and aim to develop strong, trusting relationships with my clients that allow connection and purpose to flourish in and outside of sessions. In essence, I believe that connection is at the heart of our resilience.

My approach draws on my own lived experiences and knowledge gained through implementing a variety of mental health and wellness practices into my own life, as well as my education that encourages a holistic lens. I have a passion for helping people understand how physical, psychological, social, and spiritual aspects of our lives are connected and so I implement a holistic approach into my practice. While I employ a variety of therapeutic techniques and modalities in my practice, I tailor every session to best fit your unique story and individual needs.

I aim to create a space for you to tell your story, explore your thoughts and emotions, and learn about yourself in the process. I trust that you are the expert on yourself and your life and that everything you need to live your fullest life already exists within you. My goal is to encourage and support you in pursuit of discovering your inner resilience, most authentic self, and fullest life. I understand how difficult it can be to seek counselling and would be honoured to support you in this process.

Currently, I am accepting clients aged 18+ in person and online. I also offer nature-based walk and talk therapy.

Modalities I use in practice: - ACT - CBT - DBT - Mindfulness-Based Practices - Somatic Practices - Motivational Interviewing - Suicide Intervention - Trauma-Informed Care - Nature-Based/ Walk and Talk Therapy

Hi! My name is Madi Maitz and I am a Registered Clinical Counsellor (RCC) and Registered Social W... Read More

Hi, I’m Natasha! I am a Registered Clinical Counsellor (RCC) and Registered Social Worker (RSW), and I am here to accompany you on your mental wellness journey so that you can live your most fulfilling and authentic life. I am here to provide a safe, comfortable, and confidential space for you to share your story and to explore your mental health goals. I am here to help you see your inner strengths and resiliency, and to help you feel like yourself again.

I am located in Kelowna (Syilx territory) and I offer in-person, online, walk-and-talk, relationship, and family therapy services. I operate from a bio-ecological, trauma-informed, anti-colonial, and strengths-based framework, and my practice employs elements of nature-based therapy, narrative therapy, and cognitive based therapy. For the young, and young at heart, I offer play-based and art-based therapy practices, and I am also happy to provide nature-based services outside so that you can enjoy some fresh air and sunshine as you engage in healing. I serve children, youth, adults, families, and couples, and I would be honoured to walk the path to mental wellness with you and your loved ones.

  Areas of Expertise: - Anxiety / Depression / ADHD - Trauma - Self-Esteem & Self-Love - Burnout Prevention/Recovery - Grief & Loss - Self-Harm & Suicidality - Disordered Eating & Body Image - Navigating Life Transitions - Youth: Health & Sexual Education - Emotional Regulation & Behaviour Coaching (Children, Youth, people with Neurodevelopmental Disabilities)

Hi, I’m Natasha! I am a Registered Clinical Counsellor (RCC) and Registered Social Worker (RSW), ... Read More

Shenaya is passionate about supporting people in a way that promotes healing and change. She approaches counselling from a holistic view, recognizing that the mind, body, and spirit all play an important role in wellbeing. She incorporates evidence-based techniques in order to cultivate meaningful change for her clients. Shenaya believes that deepening our understanding of emotion and our selves in a safe relationship can be extremely healing and considers it an honor to walk with people in their journey.

Shenaya is a Registered Clinical Counsellor and holds a Master of Arts in Counselling Psychology. She has additional training in emotion focused therapy, motivational interviewing, and somatic attachment psychotherapy. Shenaya primarily works with adults, addressing a variety of issues throughout the lifespan.

Her Counselling Specialties include

Depression & Anxiety · Chronic Illness · Self-esteem & Identity · Cancer and Caregiver Support · Emotion Regulation & Processing · Pregnancy and Postpartum · Life Transitions · Grief & Loss · Trauma

Shenaya is passionate about supporting people in a way that promotes healing and change. She appr... Read More

Lauren completed her education degree in Alabama while on a sports scholarship. After graduating, she returned to her home in Saskatchewan, where she worked as a high school teacher and guidance counsellor. Lauren worked primarily with female youth in high trauma situations and worked to incorporate holistic methods of healing that align with an individual’s cultural strengths and supports. After six years of teaching, Lauren went back to school and graduated with her master’s in counselling psychology to better suit the challenges and needs of the individuals she was working with.

To help meet the specific needs of each unique person, Lauren works on building a therapeutic approach together with her clients. She listens to understand life challenges to meet clients where they are currently and works to identify strengths and tools in their lives to achieve personal goals. Lauren creates an inviting environment for clients to feel comfortable exploring difficult subjects with a side of warm humour.

Through teaching, Lauren brings over 6 years of experience helping youth and adolescents navigate life’s unique challenges. By walking besides clients in their mental health journey, Lauren incorporates a holistic mind and body approach to healing and well-being. As an elite-level coach and athlete, Lauren works from a strength-based solution-focused approach tailored to individual clients’ needs. Bringing all these life skills together as a counsellor, Lauren works hard to help clients’ voices feel heard and supported when navigating life’s challenges.

Areas of Expertise:

  • Counselling for youth, teens, adolescents, and adults
  • Anxiety, stress, and depression
  • Self-harm and suicide
  • Athletes
  • Individuals with ADHD and Autism
  • Trauma-based mindful healing
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)
  • Strengths-based, Goal-setting
  • Narrative Therapy
  • Solution-focused Therapy
  • Walk and talk Therapy
  • EMDR

RCC# 19853

Lauren completed her education degree in Alabama while on a sports scholarship. After graduating,... Read More

Shawna Scafe RPC-C (Registered Professional Counsellor - Candidate)

Works with moms who want to live with more peace, purpose and presence. - moms who feel overwhelmed by motherhood and stressed out with life - moms who wish they could be more present and enjoy their kids more - moms who want to create an experience of motherhood that is inline with their personal values - moms who want to learn about emotional intelligence for themselves and their kids

Works with those who wish to live more intentionally - those who want to be more proactive with their day and life - those who want to make consistent, simple steps towards intentional living - those who want to shift their habits

Works with those who want to improve relationships - those who feel intimidated by conflict and want to learn conflict resolution skills - those who want to improve connection in their relationships - those who want to set healthy boundaries with people in their lives - those who wish to be proactive and intentional with their marriage

Offers counselling and coaching, virtual sessions with video on or off.

Options include a Christian-based approach, the use of the Enneagram, and the Life on Purpose workbook (intentional living exercises to help you identify your personal values and vision for the nine areas of your life).

Shawna is a mom of three kids, enjoying small-town life in the Similkameen. Her original background is in environmental planning and environmental health. Upon entering motherhood and having three kids close together, she felt totally overwhelmed by motherhood and it took a toll on her health and marriage. With counselling, and a lot of inner work, she grew a passion to help other moms turn off the autopilot living and show up for their lives, on purpose. This prompted her to seek training as a coach and a counsellor. Shawna enjoys music, painting, being outside, and that beloved daily coffee.

Shawna Scafe RPC-C (Registered Professional Counsellor - Candidate) Works with moms who want to ... Read More

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